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Happy Birtyday Noelle!
Instead of a regular 11th birthday party with gifts for herself, Noelle asked everyone to bring items that could be donated to an animal rescue group. After asking around, she chose us. All together donated for the cats: 3 lbs bag food, 10 lbs bag litter, 10 toys, 3 cans food. And for the dogs: medium bed and cover, 1 box bones, 2 extra small collars, 2 small collars, small pink cowboy hat, 2 rope bones, 1 toy, 4 lbs bag puppy food, beef hide twists, 1 squeaky toy, 2 shampoo, 1 leash, 3 tug toys, 2 bags snacks, 2 tennis balls, 1 box snacks, 1 gently used towel, 1 blanket and total cash donations of $100. We wish to thank Noelle and her Friends for their generous gifts!

Here is Noelle at our Adoptathon getting thanked by the puppies!

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Pound Puppies 'N Kittens, Inc. is a licensed 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to saving the lives of dogs and cats. We work with Animal Control in several counties east of Metro-Atlanta including Walton, Morgan, Newton, Rockdale and Henry. Nationwide, huge numbers of perfectly good companion animals are "euthanized" every year. Most of them are former pets, cast out by the family that once welcomed them. Some are discarded "puppy mill" breeders. Most are dirty, neglected, sick and scared. We give them a second chance at life. Our animals receive professional veterinary attention including testing, vaccination, deworming, food and shelter. They are all spayed or neutered before we adopt them out. Our foster parents house them and work to find a "forever home". We normally hold dog adoptions every Saturday and Sunday 12-4 pm at PETSMART stores in Loganville, Conyers and Lilburn. We also adopt rescued cats at the cat display inside the Loganville and Conyers stores. We have to give you a time and location to see a specific animal because we foster them in locations all over Walton County. If you find a pet through our online listing please fill out an application and get in touch with us. We only rescue from Animal Control and cannot accept lost, hurt or unwanted pets from individuals. We are a no-kill shelter.

We operate in partnership with Walton Animal Guild, Paradox Spay/Neuter Clinic, Bliss Animal Haven and other organizations (see Contacts page).
Just a few of the lives we have saved!

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